Locally Made

Our products are 100% locally made in South Africa. We strive to provide employment opportunities to women and men who live in small villages with the skill set to weave and create. 
South Africa is a resource, culture and tradition rich country, and this is what we are trying to capture with our basket handbags. 
There are so many different weaving styles, materials and traditional patterns available throughout our country, and as we progress along, we will try to encapsulate as much of this variety as we possibly can. 
Our team of weavers use their own discretion, paired with some design guidelines provided by us, to create the most unique and practical basket handbags. Using a natural source of material can be so inspiring, as it brings us closer to nature as well as what can be achieved using the bare minimum available to us. 
 Africa inspires us, and we want it to inspire others through our basket bags as well.
Our Beaded Bags, too, are hand beaded in South Africa.
Creating every bag single handedly combined with a full time job became unmanageable.It was then that we decided to reach out for assistance, posting a notice around our community that stated that we are looking for anyone who needs an extra income and wants to learn to create with their hands.
We received only one response.
In came Thandi, who contacted us, stating that she works as a domestic worker in the day but is free at night and wants to learn.
We have been partnered ever since.
Your precious beaded bag has been patiently hand beaded by this wonderful Woman.